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Other features

  • A new stirring head completely prevents contaminant entry.
  • The stirring unit is a vertical ascending/descending type designed for operation and safety (when adding ingredients/extracting products).
  • The stirring head, ascending/descending unit and column unit are completely stainless steel.
  • A high-efficiency geared motor maintains accurate speed even when the load varies.
  • The motor has been designed to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.
  • The revolution speed and rotation speed can be set separately within a continuous range (option).


Azuki bean pastes, gyuhi, custard cream, jam, fondant, curry roux, miso, meat sauce, tsukudani, gravy, hamburgers, croquettes, salad, chemicals, other


The revolution speed and the rotation speed can also be individually varied continuously

Product Specifications

Equipment typeFM100FM200FM300
Kettle diameter(mm)Φ500Φ600Φ700Φ700Φ800Φ900Φ950
Fill capacity(L)5090130140200260310
Stirring revolution speed(rpm)4~18
Stirring rotation speed12~50
Stirring motor power(kw)0.40.751.5
Power for stirring unit ascending/descending(kw)0.6
External dimensions Height(mm)1800(2350)

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