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Original depositors capable of a wide range of products and both small and large volume production

Warabi mochi, gyuhi
Sheet conveyor (option)



Loading and dividing can all be done at the same time while adding the powder.

Supports a wide range of products

It enables production of uniform products with accurate weight, and can be used with confidence for gyuhi, warabi mochi, candy and other products.

Easy weight adjustment

The product weight or production count (items per minute) can be adjusted with a handy knob. Depending on the product, amounts as small as 1 gram can be strained.

Easy operation

Button operation allows workers to operate the equipment while visually tracking the progress.

Easy cleaning

Parts in contact with ingredients and products can be easily disassembled and removed, for easy handling and cleaning without requiring much physical strength.

Equipped with powder circulation device

It comes equipped with a device that recovers and sifts unneeded powder for reuse.

Other features

  • Only equipment of its kind equipped with a powder circulation device that reduces unneeded powder
  • Loading part, conveyor and the powder circulation device can all be fully disassembled and cleaned
  • Volume can be quickly adjusted with a handy knob


Kibi dango, gyuhi sheet, kinako, candy, warabi mochi, etc.


Kinako flour sifting device, conveyor, sheet (belt-form) specification, cutting device

Product Specifications

Model FGD-6 FGD-12
Manufacturing capacity 180-240pcs / min 360-480pcs / min
Number of nozzles 6consecutive 12consecutive
Weigh(g) 1-20 1-15
Hopper capacity(L) 20 90
Motor capacity 400w×2 400w×3/90w×1
60w×2 60w×2/40w×1
25w×2 25w×2
Power Three-phase, 200 V Three-phase, 200 V
weight about 350kg about 600kg

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