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Food processing mixers


Two types of rice cake and dumpling can be used depending on the application



Hygienic with simple operation

We use stainless steel for the exterior and aluminum alloy for the mortar, and since the entire mast is coated with Teflon, it is hygienic without rusting.
Because it comes with stirring feathers, two kinds for rice cake and dumpling, you can use according to the purpose such as rice cake, dumpling, mid-dough, hail mark, rice cracker etc.


Mochi, dango, monaka wafer batter, arare, okaki, other

Product Specifications

Equipment type MM1/ MM2
Electrical capacity Three-phase 200V 1.5kW
Weight(kg) MM1:75
MM2:95(inverting type)
Processing quantity(kg) Mochi: 7.2 L (approx.); Dango: 3.5 kg

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