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All-purpose induction heating cookers

These all-purpose induction heating cookers achieve a uniform set temperature (up to 250°C) over the entire curved area inside the pot, while a top unit maintains a moderate temperature to protect workers from burns.

The structure prevents scorching during cooking, ideal for sauce manufacture. Unneeded exhaust heat, exhaust gas and exhaust steam have been eliminated.

Energy efficiency is extremely high, making it easy to maintain a workable kitchen environment for comfortable cooking. (Japanese government standards call for room temperature not to exceed 25°C and RH 80%.)

Other features

  • Easy operation
  • Heating settings can be freely specified and thermal power can be easily regulated.
  • Easy care
  • Stainless steel kettle provides high durability and makes routine care easy.


Simmered items (roux, miso soup, stew, fish, vegetables, meat, other), stir-fried items (meat, vegetables, yakisoba, kinpira, other), warming (miso soup, stew, soups)


Load cell
Draw cock drainage
Rear pushbutton unit for rear inverting
Rotary axis front movement: Raises cooking extraction height during pot rotation

Product Specifications

Equipment type All-purpose induction heating cookers
Model IMP-80N-KS IMP-120N-KS IMP-160N-KS
Rated voltage Three-phase, 200 V
Power consumption(kW) 15 24
Kettle SUS 304L (t = 4.0 mm) outer surface, with Fe thermal spraying
Power adjustment Continuous adjustment possible (inverter)
Cooking temperature Control up to 250°C (max.) at kettle bottom
Cooking types Simmering, stir-frying, warming, other
Kettle rotation range Front: 90°; Rear: 90°
Kettle rotation type Motor-driven center rotation
Lid Provided as standard feature (aluminum)
Platform SUS 304, 2B finish
Operation panel 1-channel control format 2-channel control format
Load cell Options
Stirrer Options
Draw cock drainage Options
Apron Options

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