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Product information

Multi-type Kneader [Invert-type]

type 600/type 660/type KIM660

Realized the same natural stirring and cooking as hand-kneading. Our long-selling machine!

type 660

type KIM660

Many kinds of stirring is done with this one

This machine performs the same natural stirring and boiling as the hand-kneading, by rotation of the pot and circumference rotation of the cooker. The wide range of stepless speed change enables you to choose the optimum speed. Since the bevel gear is used for the rotation of the pot, the sound is small and it is excellent also in durability. By adding an intermittent timer (option), the stirring process can be rationalized.

Other features

  • For those who do not want to disintegrate ingredients
  • To those who make products of many kinds
  • It is possible to stir while embracing the same air as hand-kneading


Cooking of azuki bean pastes; azuki bean jelly, gyuhi, surimitsu, cooked starch, fried rice, curried rice and rice dishes; cooking/stirring of curry roux or soups; other


Timer · Aluminum pot · Automatic temperature control

Product Specifications

Equipment Type 600 inverting
(600 mm diameter)
Type 660 inverting
(660 mm diameter)
Type 660 inverting
(660 mm diameter)
Type 660 inverting
(660 mm diameter) Stainless
Model CKOT603 CKOT663 CKOS660 KIM660
Copper pot used Inner diameter (mm) 600 660 660 660
Depth (mm) 400 510 510 510
Volume (L) 95 140 140 140
Motor used (kW) Three-phase 0.4 Three-phase 0.75 Three-phase 0.75 Three-phase 0.6
Single-phase 0.4 Single-phase 0.75 Single-phase 0.75 Single-phase 0.6
Speed (rpm) Paddle 24~49 Paddle 23~52 Paddle 23~52  
Pot 1.3~2.7 Pot 1.2~2.5 Pot 1.2~2.5  
Installation surface area Vertical (mm) 1050 1160 1300 1380
Horizontal (mm) 1050 1170 1170 1043
Height (mm) 1750~2000 1890~2120 1890~2120 2550
Weight (kg) 500 550 540 50
Heat source Propane, city gas Propane, city gas Steam Propane, city gas

Example of use

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