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Rakugan Molder


Easy automatic manufacturing of confectionery products with your company’s original shape and flavor.

Options: Air vibrator
One-cycle operation switch

Heavy labor including packing powder into the mold, molding and removal is fully automatic to make manufacturing easy.

The FRS-1 Model is a rakugan (Japanese confection) molder that achieves easy manufacturing of products with your company’s original shape and flavor. It enables uniform quality, and is an inverting ingredient hopper type that is effective when changing ingredient colors or cleaning. The molding pressure can be freely adjusted, helping to reduce the cost of ingredients (sugar). It is easy to replace the mold, to move and to clean. It can also be connected to a conveyor.

Other features

  • Create high quality rakugan just like it was handmade
  • Fully automatic and easy
  • Freely adjustable molding pressure
  • Easy mold replacement


Rakugan molding, ramune candy, sugar cubes, various powders, etc.


Air vibrator, one-cycle operation switch

Product Specifications

Model FRS-1
Mold size(mm) 120×300
Product weight(g) 5~70
Motor Three-phase, 200 V, 90 W × 1
Three-phase, 200 V, 25 W × 1
Compressor Three-phase, 200 V, 2.2 kW × 1 (separate)
Drier/soundproofed reciprocating/oil supply type
Machine size(mm) 650×800×1520
Machine weight(kg) 325

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