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Sanitary Shifter

Enable powders to be carried while sifting
Parts can be disassembled and cleaned, ensuring hygienic use

Sanitary Shifter

Providing support with various functions

The parts that come in contact with the powders can be disassembled and cleaned.
There is no need to worry about rust since the screws are stainless steel.
We will manufacture the product with the insertion height set to the customer’s preference.
Our original sifting mechanism enables high quality sifting in a short time, and also contributes to the prevention of contamination by foreign substances.

Other features

  • One bag of powder (25 kg) can be carried in approximately 30 to 40 seconds while sifting
  • Made of stainless steel, and easy to disassemble and clean parts
  • Large tank that easily holds one bag of powder


Powder sieve conveyance

Product Specifications

Equipment type SFT
Power Three-phase, 200 V
Hopper capacity(L) 60
Processing power 30 seconds / 1 bag(flour)
Machine size Vertical(mm) 650
Width(mm) 1405
Height(mm) about 2000(Max)

The above specification is for a three-bag Warner mixer.
The hopper capacity and height of the powder outlet can be adjusted depending on the customer’s preference.

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