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Wagashi Mixer

1 bag, 2 bags, 3 bags, 5 bags

The best dough by the optimum shape of tank and feather.

One-bag bread mixer

Two-bag bread mixer

Proprietary mixing boasting high water absorption

Mixer tank shape, feathers are ideal for fabric making, our unique structure has become.
The latest mechanical seal is adopted as a bearing part, and dough leakage is prevented.

Other features

  • Optimized tank and blade shapes ensure unrivalled bread dough.
  • Several options are available (including a touch panel operation panel and dough viscosity management unit).


Bread doughs, Chinese manju, pies


It is possible to connect with a sanitary shifter, which makes it possible to transport powder while sifting.
It is possible to greatly increase the efficiency of work that is difficult to carry powder bags and the like.


Cleaning drain valve, Fabric temperature sensor, Jacket temperature sensor, Touch panel type
It can be set to your preferred speed with inverter type.

Product Specifications

Equipment type One-bag bread mixer Two-bag bread mixer Three-bag bread mixer Five-bag bread mixer
Electrical capacity(kW) Stirring:3.7/1.8
Container inverting:0.2
Container inverting:0.4
Container inverting:0.4
Container inverting:0.75
Stirring speed(rpm) High speed:80
Low speed:40
High speed:95
Low speed:47.5
High speed:71
Low speed:35
High speed:80
Low speed:40
Container capacity Fill capacity:125L
Process capacity: Flour 25kg
Fill capacity:250L
Process capacity: Flour 50kg
Fill capacity:360L
Process capacity: Flour 75kg
Fill capacity:500L
Process capacity: Flour 125kg
Total capacity(kg) 500 1650 2050 3500
Dimensions Length(mm) 670 880 1030 1140
Width(mm) 1230 1665 1775 2155
Height(mm) 1260 1620 1655 1850
Material Container, agitator, stirring shaft:SUS304 Other: SS 41 coating (or SUS 304 exterior)

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