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Induction heating stirrers

Boil, cook, stir-fry, fried in this one unit

Induction heating stirrers that keep kitchens cool.

Pots are heated directly by induction heating, eliminating increases in room temperature from radiant heat.

Easy-to-use, economical

Easy-to-use rotary type (motor driven)
Thermal efficiency of 85%. Minimize energy loss in comparison to gas-type heating stirrers. Can be freely controlled to a wide range of cooking temperature curves.
Enable fine-tuned temperature control.
Lack of combustion eliminates the need for large intake/exhaust equipment.

Support large-volume, speedy cooking.

Provide heat quantity far surpassing rotary gas kettles.
Enable multipurpose cooking, eliminating the need to mount a soup kettle or tilting pan.


Simmered items (roux, miso soup, stew, fish, vegetables, meat, other), stir-fried items (meat, vegetables, yakisoba, kinpira, other), warming (miso soup, stew, soups)


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Product Specifications

Equipment type All-purpose induction heating cookers
Model IMP-80N-KS IMP-120N-KS IMP-160N-KS
Rated voltage Three-phase, 200 V
Power consumption(kW) 15 24
Kettle SUS 304L (t = 4.0 mm) outer surface, with Fe thermal spraying
Power adjustment Continuous adjustment possible (inverter)
Cooking temperature Control up to 250°C (max.) at kettle bottom
Cooking types Simmering, stir-frying, warming, other
Kettle rotation range Front: 90°; Rear: 90°
Kettle rotation type Motor-driven center rotation
Lid Provided as standard feature (aluminum)
Platform SUS 304, 2B finish
Operation panel 1-channel control format 2-channel control format
Load cell Options
Stirrer Options
Draw cock drainage Options
Apron Options

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