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Mochi pounder

A mochi pounder that automates the manual processes of pounding mochi


Since it gently sticks to the bottom, it finishes into the same stiffness and sticky fabric as the handrail.

A compact design with a built-in pestle shaft - It is easy to move the machine, save the installation area, and move the machine with the image of the conventional mochi-making machine.In the procedure, only setting the bucking condition with a timer, Because it automates hand grips and handrails as it is, it does not change at all from hand rice cake such as rice cake noveli, flavor, gloss etc. Excellent energy saving design, power consumption is slightly 1.15 kW (3 phase). - 3 to 6 kg (2 to 4 boats) can be done in about 3 minutes.


rise cake, daifuku

Product Specifications

Equipment type Mochi pounder
Model CAVA4J1
Mortar inner diameter × depth (mm) 450×250(Teflon coating)
Pounder weight (kg) 30
Motor used (kW) Three-phase 1.15
Installation surface area Vertical(mm) 820
Horizontal(mm) 650
Height(mm) 1790 (including 70 for rings)
Weight (kg) 530

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