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Steam kneader


Steamer-kneaders that steam and knead rapidly.


Durability, hygienic aspects are safe

Steaming and kneading can be done in a short time with 1 unit.The low pressure is enough for the boiler (evaporation amount of 60kg / H), the uniform fabric is refined.In addition, it is easy to take out the dough by falling down We also have a timer control formula that can be operated automatically (option)


Azuki bean pastes, gyuhi, marmalade, sauces, miso, custard cream, surimitsu, cooked starch, fried rice, tsukudani, gravy, hamburgers, chemicals


It is possible to connect with a sanitary shifter, which makes it possible to transport powder while sifting.
It is possible to greatly increase the efficiency of work that is difficult to carry powder bags and the like.


Automatic timer

Product Specifications

Equipment type Steam kneader
Model JN1 JN05
Motor used Three-phase 2.2kw Three-phase 1.5kw
Capacity One bag (8 minutes) Half bag (8 minutes)
Installation surface area 縦(mm) 840 740
Vertical(mm)  1340 1230
Horizontal(mm) 1660 1340
Weight(kg) 410 310
Note For one bag For half bag

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