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Product information

Universal Kneader

type NUSS/type NUSST/type MUSS/type MUSST/type LUSS/type LUSST/type NUSS(with steam kettle)

Heated stirrer excellent in hygiene aspect, durability and proven track record in many fields

type LUSS

type LUSST

type NUSS(with steam kettle)
*No safety cover for photos

Many kinds of stirring is one in this unit

By the unique rotation and revolution method, uniform stirring effect can be obtained. Both the stirrer body and the pot are made of stainless steel and are sanitary. By the inverter specification, you can choose the optimal speed according to the food. By the hook overturning type, work such as taking out materials and cleaning can be done efficiently. Because feathers are made of resin, durability is outstanding.

Other features

  • There are three types of heat sources: "gas" "steam" "IH"


Azuki bean pastes, gyuhi, custard cream, jam, curry roux, miso, tsukudani, gravy, hamburgers, chemicals


SUS lifting unit, automatic lifting unit, scraper, safety cover

Product Specifications

Equipment type type NUSS/NUSST type MUSS/MUSST type LUSS/LUSST type NUSS (with direct heat kettle)
Pot diameter(mm) φ500 φ600 φ700 φ700 φ800 φ900 φ950 φ540 φ600
Fill capacity(L) 50 90 130 140 200 260 310 49 68
Motor power(kW) 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.75 0.75 1.5 1.5 0.4 0.4
Speed(rpm) 25 19~43 19~43 Inverter type stepless speed
External dimensions Height (mm) 1700 1750 1750 1880 1890 1925 1955 1700 1700
Width (mm) 1100 1200 1300 1470 1570 1735 1785 1100 1150
Depth (mm) 800 820 820 935 985 1035 1060 750 750
Maximum steam pressure(kg/cm2)  1.9  
Heat source   City gas, propane

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